SFSD FitClub

The Sioux Falls School District is supporting active lifestyles through the SFSD FitClub (FitClub). Eligible employees and spouses that work out a minimum of eight (8) times per month at a participating fitness center will receive up to a $20 incentive, (up to $40 per month per household), paid via direct deposit.


Current District employees/spouses and retired employees enrolled in the Sioux Falls School District Medical Insurance Plan are eligible to participate in FitClub.

How it Works

  1. Eligible employees/spouses must submit a FitClub enrollment form online. A complete list of participating fitness centers can be found online. An enrollment form must be completed for both the employee and spouse individually if both wish to participate.

  2. To earn the $20 incentive, employees/spouses must exercise a minimum of eight (8) days (visits) per calendar month. Visits to the fitness club are tracked. Employees/spouses meeting the eight (8) visit requirement will receive up to $20 deposited in their bank account each month the visit requirement is met.

  3. A $20 maximum incentive is paid to each employee/spouse, never to exceed the total cost of the fitness center monthly membership. If employee and spouse are on a “joint” or “family” fitness membership, the fitness center dues will be separated and divided equally between the employee and spouse. Each individual may receive up to a $20 incentive for meeting the eight (8) visit requirement ($40 maximum incentive per household.)

  4. If the fitness center monthly membership is less than $20, the employee/spouse will only receive the actual amount. (For example, if the monthly membership fee is $9, the employee/spouse would be reimbursed $9 each month the eight (8) visit requirement is met.)

  5. If your Fitness Center is not part of the FitClub you can fill out the nomination form.