Elementary Special Education

The Sioux Falls School District offers special education and related services at all school sites with a full continuum of services, settings, and supports for school-aged students with disabilities. The district supports the diverse needs of all children through a wide range of programming options starting with services within the general education classroom to settings with more intensive and specialized services. Each child comes to school with unique gifts and challenges. We welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with families in developing individual education plans (IEPs) that provide children with disabilities the opportunity to thrive in their educational settings.

The Sioux Falls School District offers intensive programming in a self-contained classroom setting at four of our 23 elementary sites for students who are not making adequate progress in their home attendance center, even with additional supports and services. Students with significant disabilities who may require focused instruction on functional daily living skills embedded within academic learning and across the majority of their school day could be recommended by their IEP team to attend one of these elementary schools:

  • Susan B. Anthony Elementary

  • John F. Kennedy Elementary

  • Terry Redlin Elementary

Elementary students who require highly structured individualized school programming whose challenging behavioral and emotional needs significantly impact learning could be recommended by their IEP team to attend Horace Mann Elementary.

All decisions regarding educational placement in a more restrictive and specialized setting occur within the context of the IEP meeting, of which parents are critical members.

If you have questions about your child’s educational programming or questions about special education, please contact your child’s school or the district office. We look forward to collaborating with you.

Educational Sessions For Parents

The Special Services Department welcomes communication regarding special education and related topics with all stakeholder groups, especially parents. Through an annual parent survey process, parents have communicated wanting more information about topics and organizations supporting youth with disabilities. As a result, a planning group of parents, partner agencies, and District leadership staff designed three educational sessions available for all parents/guardians of youth with disabilities.

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