Title I

First established by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, the Title I program continues to be the largest federally funded educational program. With a goal of “leveling the playing field,” Title I funds are available to schools with the highest level of poverty, as determined by the percentage of students qualifying for free or reduced lunch.

Believing that early intervention will make the most difference for students, the Sioux Falls School District has chosen to focus Title I funds at the elementary level. All Title I schools operate a Schoolwide Program, which means the Title I funds are used to improve the overall educational program for all students, rather than targeting specific students in a Targeted Assistance Program.

Parents Right to Know: Teacher Qualifications

What do I know about my child's teacher?

The federal education law put in place by the Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA) requires that all parents in a Title I school be notified and given the opportunity to request information about the professional qualifications of classroom teachers instructing their child. You may request this through the building principal.

Long-Term substitutes who are not highly qualified:

The building principal will send a notice to each parent whose child has been assigned or has been taught for 4 or more consecutive weeks by, a teacher who is not highly qualified. This notice will be sent within 10 school days of when the student is assigned, or, in the case of a substitute teacher, by the 5th consecutive week, the substitute is in the classroom.

Schools operating a Title I program are:

Anne Sullivan Elementary

3701 E 3rd Street

Cleveland Elementary

1000 S Edward Dr.

Elementary Immersion Center

2511 W. Brookings Street

Garfield Elementary

705 S. Roberts Dr.

Hawthorne Elementary

601 N. Spring Ave.

Hayward Elementary

400 N. Valley View Road

Horace Mann Bridges Elementary

1401 E 26th Street

Terry Redlin Elementary

1721 E. Austin Street

Laura B Anderson Elementary

1600 N. Wayland Ave.

Lowell Elementary

710 W. 18th Street

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