Homeless Education

The Office of Homeless Education facilitates the enrollment, attendance, and success of children and youth in transitional housing in the Sioux Falls School District.

Funding for these services is provided by a federal grant through the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act. This Act mandates that homeless children and youth must have access to appropriate public education, including preschool, and be given a full opportunity to meet state and local academic achievement standards.

The term "homeless children and youth" is defined by law as individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence, including those who are sharing the housing of other persons; are living in motels, hotels, trailer parks, or campgrounds; are living in emergency or transitional shelters; are abandoned in hospitals; are awaiting placement in foster care; are living in cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, bus/train stations or similar settings; and migratory children living in the above circumstances.

Through the grant, referrals are made for assistance with transportation, health care, attendance, school enrollment, early childhood education, special education, referrals to community service agencies, individual services, and the special needs of students. An advisory board consisting of District and community members reviews the McKinney-Vento project goals and activities.

Students eligible for McKinney services were also provided services through Title I funds. Project staff provided in-service training to new District staff and gave presentations to classrooms and community groups.

Contact your assigned School Social Worker and they will contact the Designated Homeless Liaison.

East Side Designated Homeless Liaison is Mary Gustafson

  • Anne Sullivan

  • Ben Reifel

  • Cleveland

  • Community Campus

  • Eugene Field A+

  • Harvey Dunn

  • Hawthorne

  • Lincoln

  • Patrick Henry

  • Sonia Sotomayor

  • Susan B. Anthony

  • Terry Redlin

  • Washington

  • Whittier

West Side Designated Homeless Liaison is Marta Roberts

  • All-City/EIC

  • Axtell Park Building

  • Discovery

  • Edison

  • Garfield

  • George McGovern

  • Hayward

  • Horace Mann

  • Jefferson

  • John F. Kennedy

  • Laura B. Anderson

  • Laura Wilder

  • Lowell

  • Memorial

  • Oscar Howe

  • R. F. Pettigrew

  • Renberg

  • Robert Frost

  • Roosevelt

Mary Gustafson

Homeless Liaison

✆ (605) 201-4140
✉ Email Mary Gustafson

Marta Roberts

Homeless Liaison

✆ (605) 222-6094
✉ Email Marta Roberts