High School Summer School

The Sioux Falls School District will be offering High School Summer School.

Talk with your school counselor for curriculum and registration guidance.

Online Courses and Instructor-Led Classes will be held at Career & Technical Education Academy (CTE).

Registration Guidelines

Out-Of-District students will need to also complete enrollment via Online Registration after registering. You will receive an email with a link to complete after registration is received.

Questions on course choices should be directed to your school counselor prior to registering.

In summer school, instructor-led classes, the content presented during the 15-day session is equivalent to the content presented during a full semester of school. Each class is worth 0.5 credits and students are expected to attend EVERY class! If a student misses more than 2 classes, the student will be dropped from the course with an "F" grade. Students will not be excused for family vacations, camps, or similar activities. Students who enroll in summer school must be able to benefit from instructional activities presented in groups with a ratio of 1 teacher to 20 or more students.

Proctored unit exams and final exams will be held.

Students must also attend proctored unit exams and the final exam at CTE throughout the summer as they work through the material. Online instructors will be available at scheduled times to administer unit exams during regular summer school hours. Students will be allowed to advance through their course ONLY as they complete their unit exams. Most coursework is completed independently by the student. Teacher assistance will be available from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm (Monday through Thursday). Individual teachers will also schedule appointments for students who need additional help.

Because online work is intense, students may only register for one online course at a time during the summer session. If all required work is completed in a shorter time frame, the summer school principal may authorize the student to take another online course upon teacher recommendation.

There will be NO REFUNDS unless a course is canceled due to insufficient enrollment.

Computer Requirements

To complete online work, students must have access to an Internet connection. School computers are available for student use at CTE Monday-Thursday, 7:30 am to 12:30 pm. Coursework is not compatible with an iPad.

Counseling Office

Axtell Park Building

(605) 367-8328

Career & Technical Education Academy

(605) 367-5504

Jefferson High School

(605) 367-6184

Lincoln High School

(605) 367-7994

Roosevelt High School

(605) 362-2868

Washington High School

(605) 367-7973

Connections Information

Connections classes are held at Lincoln, Roosevelt, Washington, and Jefferson High School. This program enables incoming freshmen to become accustomed to their new school that they will be attending. Each school has its own dates and times and is subject to change due to snow days.

Please contact your Middle School Counselor for more information.

Ben Reifel Middle School

(605) 371-4155

Edison Middle School

(605) 367-8331

McGovern Middle School

(605) 367-4440

Memorial Middle School

(605) 362-2789

Patrick Henry Middle School

(605) 367-8443

Whittier Middle School

(605) 367-8336

Axtell Park Building

(605) 367-8328