Sioux Falls High School Graduation Ceremonies for the Class of 2024

Ceremonies will be held on Sunday May 19th at the Sioux Falls Arena.

Graduation Lincoln

Lincoln High School

11:00 am

Graduation Jefferson

Jefferson High School

1:45 pm

Graduation Roosevelt

Roosevelt High School

4:30 pm

Graduation Washington

Washington High School

7:15 pm

Twenty-two credits are required for graduation.

Graduation Requirements

Language Arts:

  • Writing - 1 unit

  • Speech or Debate - .5 unit

  • Literature - 1 unit (must include .5 unit American Literature)

  • Language Arts electives - 1.5 units

Total of 4 units


  • Algebra I - 1 unit

  • Mathematics electives - 2 units

Total of 3 units


  • Biology - 1 unit

  • Science electives* - 2 units

Total of 3 units

Social Studies:

  • U.S. History - 1 unit

  • U.S. Government - .5 unit

  • Social Studies electives - 1.5 units

Total of 3 units

Fine Arts:

Total of 1 Unit

Any Combination:

  • Approved CTE

  • Capstone Experience

  • World Language

Total of 1 unit

½ unit of Each:

  • Personal Finance or Economics

  • Physical Education

  • Health or Health Integration


Total of 5 ½ units

*A state-approved advanced computer science course may be substituted for one unit of a science elective, but may not replace Biology. A list of approved courses is available at Students are required to meet the above High School Diploma requirements, also known as the ‘base diploma’. Students may earn advanced endorsements with their high school diplomas. A student’s personal learning plan must document a minimum of 22 credits that include the above requirements.

Sioux Falls South Dakota

Transcript Request

There is a charge of $5 for each transcript.

  • Current students must contact the high school they attend to request a copy of their transcript.

  • Past Graduates of the Sioux Falls School District please complete the Transcript Request Form to receive a copy of your official transcript.