Junior Kindergarten

Registration for the 2024-2025 school year begins on February 1, 2024.

Young children are our most valuable resource for the future. We encourage active learning with opportunities for self-esteem, enhancement, discovery, and decision-making in preparation for a successful transition into kindergarten.

Our program offers a kindergarten curriculum adapted for a younger age group that ensures a successful kindergarten transition. It’s another year of critical skill development before elementary school, with a focus on self-regulation, following complex directions, effective communication, and sustaining attention through work and play.

There are 2 Models

Half (1/2) day program

An academic classroom program at no cost.

Full day program

An academic classroom program and an extended enrichment program, provided by Jr. Kids Inc.

The half (1/2) day academic program is free, but there is a cost to enroll in Jr. Kids Inc.

Our Locations


Students are able to ride the bus if they are in the Robert Frost or John F. Kennedy (south of 57th St.) attendance areas.

If your child meets the criteria, we would welcome them to one of our 2 Junior Kindergarten programs. Please contact Chantel Yearling with questions.

Breakfast and Lunch

Students can participate in the breakfast and lunch program.

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Chantel Yearling

Elementary & Middle School Curriculum Clerical

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Jr. Kids Inc.

Junior Kindergarten is a free program. Jr. Kids Inc. is an extended enrichment program that provides safe, quality care and embedded learning for children during school hours, opposite their Junior Kindergarten academic classroom program. The program is designed for children who will benefit from enrichment activities designed to prepare them academically, socially, and emotionally for a full-day Kindergarten experience in groups.

For more information about Jr. Kids Inc., contact the Community Learning Center Office


Rates are biweekly and per child. An Annual Processing Fee of $20 will be assessed at time of enrollment.

2023 - 2024 Rates

$130 School Days Only

Does NOT include Special Days

$170 Full School Year

DOES include Special Days

Extended care days are held when there is NOT school but our childcare program is in session.

Tuition Assistance

Scholarships may be available for qualifying families. Contact the office for more information. We do accept Child Care Assistance through the State of South Dakota Department of Social Services.

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