Use of SFSD School Buildings

General Guidelines

Local non-profit and/or civic organizations may rent school buildings for educational, cultural, civic, social, recreational, governmental, and non-partisan political activities. (Policy KF/KF-R)

PLEASE NOTE: Spaces previously known as Community Centers no longer operate in the same manner. During the school day, students are utilizing those spaces and they are not available for rental or community use.  After school (2:45-6:30pm), those spaces are used for structured care offered through the Community Learning Centers.  The ongoing agreement with the City of Sioux Falls allows their adult leagues to operate in the spaces from 6:30-10pm Monday through Friday and for eight (8) tournaments on weekends. 

Sioux Falls School District Policy KF/KF-R guides use of school facilities by community organizations. The policy allows ONLY non-profit organizations or businesses with non-profit paperwork and required liability insurance to rent/reserve school facilities. A proposal is being considered that MAY allow individuals and families to reserve space on weekends for private events. As of September 1, the proposal remains in DRAFT form. 

Any proposal would need to be approved by the City Council and the SFSD School Board prior to individuals and families using school facilities. It is possible that it will be mid-October before a final determination is made and before any use by individuals would be considered.

All organizations should review and save the "Building Use Rates" and "Building Use Guidelines" documents on this page.

Before Submitting a Request

  • Requests are taken in the order received via Facilities Scheduling powered by rSchoolToday.

  • Requests will ONLY be taken from the DIRECTOR or member of the ADMINISTRATION of an organized activity group. Individual coach requests will not be approved.

  • Requests must be made at least 20 working days in advance of the activity.

  • Organizations holding regular meetings throughout the year need to submit only one request at the beginning of the year. Requests must be renewed each year.

  • Comprehensive general liability insurance is required. See Building Use Guidelines for more details.

  • Please do not request more than one building on a single request. You can request multiple rooms within a single building.

  • Be sure to type the activity you will be holding in the title of the request along with the number of attendees and any setup notes.

Carrie Bonine

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